About Jerky by Art

Jerky by Art

All About Art and His Top-of-the-Line Jerky Business

The story of how Jerky by Art came about is a familiar one for any entrepreneur. There was a demand and Art rose to the challenge in order to meet it. His dedication to curating the best beef jerky for himself has led him to establish his business that offers delicious-tasting snacks for everyone in New Mexico.

How It Started

Back then, Art used to have a job as an ironworker. He started making Carne Seca (jerky) at home for his pleasure and he would take some to the site and share it with his co-workers. Art’s appetizing homemade beef jerky gave his colleagues an idea to encourage him in selling his delicious-tasting jerky.

Opening the Store

The orders got so big that Art bought a few dehydrators. He had them all over the kitchen going day and night to keep up with all of the orders that he had received. An increase in orders pushed him to purchase a commercial dehydrator and fix up his garage as the “beef jerky” room. Soon, his friends and customers were telling him to start his business. Art took the brave leap and opened up Jerky by Art.

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The Recipe to Success

Art continued working to improve his many flavors and most of all, the taste of the beef jerky. His special recipe has given his jerky the greatest taste ever that makes every customer come back for more. The jerky is guaranteed fresh and made daily to keep up with the demand of our customers.

Get Your Bag of Deliciousness Today

Jerky by Art still sticks to Art’s standard of having fresh jerky with a variety of flavors and seasonings. Feel free to explore our website today to browse our products. We hope you will enjoy it and share it with your friends!