101 Reasons to Eat Beef Jerky from Jerky By Art.

Here at Jerky By Art, we tend to think of all the reasons you could – AND SHOULD – be eating our beef jerky. To be honest, we’re not going to share 101 reasons with you all at once. Mostly because you won’t read them.

Here are the most popular reasons:

#1 Just because. (You can see that our creativity was a little slow on building this list. No reason is considered a bad reason. They are all equal in our eyes LOL)

#2 We have three locations – Rio Rancho – Albuquerque – Bosque Farms. (Ok, we’re just going to admit it here. Reasons 1 & 2 are “popular” because our boss thought of them – but we don’t judge, these are valid reasons).

#9 : Our San Pedro store is on the way to the State Fair Grounds.

# 10 : The Lobos are playing! (Which leads us to both reasons #11 The Lobos won! and #12 The Lobos lost!)

#28 : Our San Pedro store is a Pokemon stop.

# 36: Cool people like Jayme Hinshaw MMA eat our Jerky.

#42: Our jerky is fresh. No preservatives. No added chemicals.

#50: Beef Jerky is a great pre-workout food with loads of protein and no fat. Of course this goes for reason #51: Beef Jerky is a great post work out food with loads of protein and no fat.

#55: Your kid’s Homecoming Dance outfit cost a fortune and it’s not even time for prom!

#66: Your kid’s team needs healthy snacks after soccer practice. (Plus the correlating reasons: #67 You are in charge of snacks for YAFL. #68 It’s your turn to bring the snacks for rugby. Well you get the idea for the next 15 reasons, that go for any extra curricular activity where your kids need you to bring the snacks).

#85 Manly yes but I like it too. Beef jerky is an equal opportunity snack item.

#91 It’s time for Balloon Fiesta! and #92 Balloon Fiesta is over!

And as of today, THE most popular reason to eat Jerky By Art’s beef jerky is: Reason #47: You’re already tired of pumpkin spice.