Orange Teriyaki is a Winner with Guest Reviewer

Guest Blogger / Reviewer Kerry Clear is a long time lover of beef jerky especially teriyaki flavors. As a soldier in the army and an EMT for over 18 years (Albuquerque Ambulance and Superior Ambulance), portable snacks that were healthy and easy to carry were a must. Now 49 years old, Kerry, is a happily married busy father of two and in middle management of a healthcare managed care company…And still packing some beef jerky in his pocket.

When most people think of beef jerky, some might think of brands like Jack Links or Lowery’s (depending on your age, of course). But for those of us that eat beef jerky by the pound, we are always on the lookout for something better than mass produced chunks of preformed meat with bits of flavoring. Whether you are an avid outdoors person, or work in a job that requires long hours with no promise of a break for food – my Law Enforcement, EMS and Fire brothers and sisters, along with those who keep the lights burning and homes heated, we rely on portable, healthy and tasty morsels of meats to pull us through the day. And now, with the surge of those of us that have taken steps to get healthy in our daily lives, a new group of individuals have found that beef jerky can provide a real “bang for the buck”, protein snacks or meal replacements that are light enough to carry with you, don’t need refrigeration or special precautions, and at least in the case of Jerky by Art, taste great.

I was fortunate enough to stumble across Jerky by Art when it was introduced to me as I was munching on one of my go to brands. I was asked if I had ever heard of this great shop on San Pedro NE that had the most amazing tasting jerky. I had not, but was up for the challenge.

Soon after I was presented with a package of Stir Fry flavored beef jerky, along with a package of Orange Teriyaki. The first thing I noted was the size – good sized pieces of beef, not the preformed chunks or bars I was normally used to seeing. The size of the package lent itself to multiple portions, not just enough to snack on and go. It was a moist beef jerky which was a pleasant surprise, as I truly don’t like beef jerky that is dry enough to dehydrate you as you eat it.

Once I opened the package of Orange Teriyaki, the first thing that hit me was a mouthwatering aroma of teriyaki sauce with a hint of citrus. I enjoyed the feel of the pliable slice of meat, generously covered with sauce that begged to be tasted. I took a generous bite and was pleasantly surprised that I had to work that bite off the chunk that I was holding. No snapping or crumbling like some of the dry jerky out there, but a moist tug of meat that was satisfying not to the taste buds and my teeth when I actually had to chew it. Each chew brought not only the taste of quality meat, but plenty of flavor as well. Each bite was as flavorful as the previous one, with an evenly portioned flavoring that had me wanting more with every bite. I was disappointed that I was full and still had a package and a half still to eat. The Orange Teriyaki flavor had a sweet aftertaste that was pleasant without being overpowering, definitely ready for a return visit.

The Stir fry was equally delicious, with more of a savory flavor with just a hint of spice. I am a big fan of both of these flavor profiles, and look forward to sampling the other flavors available.

I would be cautious eating any of the flavored beef jerky’s with light or white colored clothes or gloves, but don’t let that stop you from getting a bag or three and trying them for yourself. It is well worth the trip to Constitution and San Pedro to try this wonderful addition to the beef jerky market, and I would plan on buying extra for all the people that will try to take yours.

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