Jerky. The New Chips.

What? Jerky is replacing chips as the most popular snack food? Well not completely, but the chip market is slowing and jerky is growing about twice as fast. Americans are spending more money on meat snacks like jerky, than on popcorn or corn chips. Meat snacks is now the 2nd favorite American snack.

And we don’t mind a bit! Thank you very much!

But if you’re wondering how that happened, it’s thanks to more and more people eating on the go, and wanting healthier snack options. Lives are busier than ever, and people eat more on the go. Not wanting fast food or junk, Jerky makes a nice option. Protein versus carbohydrates, and natural versus preservatives (at least in our jerky).

Often with work outs, after school activities, working late hours, a lot of us are snacking rather than eating full meals. Most portable food for snacking is vegetables, fruit, nuts, by adding jerky can round out the nutrients. And coming to a sort of renaissance for meat snacks, craft jerky is becoming more and more popular. It’s a nice change from the mass produced stick o beef found in your local gas station.

Our Orange Teriyaki Made on Fridays!

Our beef jerky is regional local beef cut thick. There are no nitrates, no MSG, and less salt than many other manufactured jerky. Carne seca (beef jerky) is a staple in the Southwest and we’re proud to carry on that tradition. In addition to our iconically New Mexican flavors – green chile, green chile lemon, red chile and christmas, we offer some samples around the world with our teriyaki flavors.

We know you have a choice when it comes to your snacks, if you haven’t tried us, we hope you will!